How to Join A Webinar in GoToWebinar

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This short video covers the basics of entering a webinar as a guest of GoToWebinar. Other webinar platforms may have the toolbar on the top left instead of the right hand side.

I was so intimidated the first time I tried to join a webinar. By the time I figured out how to get into it (I tried to use Skype – not easy), the webinar was almost over and I was more than frustrated. The next time, I clicked the link from my computer, had my headset ready and joined without a problem. But then when I was asked if I wanted to say something, I couldn’t get my mic to work. For a long time I gave up on webinars, yet now I conduct at least one a week of my own, as well as joining many others.

All this to say “Don’t give up. You can start by joining one of my weekly webinars by clicking this link to find out more. I’d love to have you there.”

Happy Computing,

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5 Responses to How to Join A Webinar in GoToWebinar

  1. Carol Bremner says:
  2. nattsurfaren says:

    How would you find a webinar to join. Like I’m not interested to host a webinar but to join an existing.

  3. Carol Bremner says:

    There are all kinds of people who are hosting webinars, on a variety of different topics and you can probably find them by doing a Google search. Or you are welcome to join my weekly webinars by registering on my webinar page at the link in this video description.

  4. Peter Nguyen says:

    Hi Carol, in this video can you stretch/shrink your webcam video to various

  5. Carol Bremner says:

    Hi Peter,
    if you mean the webcam I used to create this video, my screencapture software sets it at this size, although I could choose to do webcam only. The only other option I have when showing screen and video is the ability to drag the webcam to a different position on the screen so I hopefully don't cover up important information.

    If you are participating in a webinar and the host is using a webcam, then you can re-size it for your own screen so you can see as little or as much of the presenter as you choose.

    Hope that helps,

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