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Blog Talk Radio microphoneIt’s been awhile since I talked about Internet radio. In fact, I did my first show in 2009, really enjoyed it, and then got busy with other things until early this year. But Blog Talk Radio is still as popular as ever and I was asked to do an online training session on the topic for a group of business women.

Since the Internet is always changing, I quickly scheduled another radio episode and recorded it. Not a lot has changed and it’s as simple to do as ever. Other than using the Internet to start the broadcast, the entire session is done by talking into the telephone.  The hardest part was the fact that I didn’t have a guest to interview and talking to the air for 30 minutes was a challenge. I have a new respect for radio hosts that do it on a regular basis.

If you’d like to have a listen, my show was about why people use social media for their businesses. And if you’ve always wanted to be a radio show host, I encourage you to give Blog Talk Radio a try. It’s free and even Santa Claus has an Internet radio show where he interacts with the children. Let me know how you make out in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Computing,

P.S. If you are interested in Social Media training, I have some recorded videos that take you through all of the main points. For more information on the Social Media modules, click here.

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