Joining a Webinar

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I don’t know about you, but I used to find joining a webinar to be a little bit intimidating. Although it has probably been a couple of years since the first time I tried to access a webinar on the Internet, I still remember how frustrated and stupid I felt. In fact, I could not for the life of me figure out how to hear properly and finally left in defeat. Then once I got used to watching and listening, I still couldn’t figure out how to talk when the lines were opened for comments.

As an FYI, it helps if you have a microphone and speakers plugged in to your computer. I know, it sounds silly that I wouldn’t know that, but I didn’t grow up with computers. In fact, I remember standing in front of a computer monitor shouting at it, thinking that way people could hear me. Okay, stop laughing.

Since my motto is “You’re never too old to learn”, fast forward to today and I am now conducting weekly webinars and really enjoying it. So I’ve created a quick, little video if you’re feeling as webinar challenged as I was. I hope it helps.

And please let me know how you make out.

Happy Computing,

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3 Responses to Joining a Webinar

  1. Which if computers where anywhere near as smart as most humans, The monitor should have undertstood you and replied if a response was needed.
    I realize that there was a guesst post at about using speech recogination software to write posts. But either I havn’t trained my Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 enough or my speech( even though in everyday life I seem to be understood most of the time) is just plain weird. So based on the previous I would add Speech Recogination software to any list in which humans surpass Computers.

    Lastly I feel in many cases how to use something isn’t really explained,
    Robert Nelson recently posted..Want to Lose Weight and Still be Healthy?

    • Mrs C. says:

      Hi Robert, I think computers are pretty dumb sometimes, but we get intimidated by them. And yes, lack of explanation is a big problem in many cases.

  2. Hemp Pants says:

    Agreed with these quote “You’re never too old to learn”. I really like the spirit that you are still learning and it’s inspirational for me too . Thanks

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