Optimizing LinkedIn

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Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile so that people know at a glance who you are and what you do? These quick tips will make your profile stand out.

Until next time, happy computing,


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Hootsuite’s Perfect Partner – Paper.li

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In the last video, you saw how Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media from one place and the Hootlet makes it easy to curate content to share. By adding Paper.li to the mix, you can take your content curation even further and become a trusted resource in minutes a day.

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How To Use Hootsuite For Business

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This is a brief overview of how I use Hootsuite to organize my social media.

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Creating Newsletters

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Tips For Creating a Newsletter:

GrannyBloggerWhen creating columns for a newsletter or    other document, put your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to include, then click ‘format’ and click ‘columns’. Choose the number of columns, and set
your column width and spacing. If you select ‘line between’, the content will be easier to read. The ‘apply to’ box should also be
set to ‘this point forward’. Some people prefer to type their text first and then format it into columns. Others create the columns
first and then work within them. There are many ways to do the same thing on a computer, so choose what works for you.

Computer Project To Do:

Why not try your hand at a family newsletter? For many years, we had one that went back and forth between our family here and my oldest daughter in the states. Today I enjoy looking back on all of the activities she and her family wrote about. My only regret is that many of the first issues were sent by fax and after all these years, the print has faded terribly in some spots. We finally switched to emailing the content and printing it out – much better as a keepsake.

Here are the steps you can use as a guideline:
1. Page margins and page numbers.
2. Newsletter name and maybe a little graphic at the top.
3. Spaces between articles.
4. Format columns and adjust line spacing if needed.
5. Add a fancy drop cap to the beginning of each section if you’re feeling really creative.
6. At the bottom of the newsletter, include your name and contact info and anything your family needs to know if they want to submit material (deadlines, etc). Save the outline as a template for you to use next time. Seeing it already started like that gets you past
any writer’s block.

Software Options:

To do newsletters, I’ve tried some of the software specifically for that purpose. One of my favorites was called the Student Writing Center by Broderbund, but I don’t think it’s available anymore. Too bad, it was a great program and not just for students. Now, I use
an old version of Microsoft Word or the free version of Open Office, which is available online and is compatible with Word. I also use Microsoft Works – it is often included when buying a new computer and has a Task Launcher filled with good templates, including one for a newsletter.

How do you save your document as a template?

Answer: Click ‘save as’, rather than ‘save’. After typing a name into the file name box, click the little arrow beside the ‘save as type’ box. Select ‘document template’ and then save. What this does is save the newsletter as a template for future issues. This template always stays the same and is ready for you to include your content. No more accidentally deleting your material because you saved your new text over the old one.

Recommended Product:

Create Newsletters Your Family Will Treasure is a complete resource for parents and grandparents. Filled with screenshots and step-by-step directions, you’ll be getting that
newsletter out in no time flat.

Reader’s Success Story:

My mother (shown in the photo at the top) is 89 years old and uses Open Office to create information products. She’s written a blogging guide, a piano playing tutorial, and a guide to using Quickbooks. Now she’s working on a series about creating your own family history. Not only has she written them, she sells them as digital downloads on the
Internet. And yes, they do sell. Her most popular guide is the Quickbooks one. Mom calls herself Granny Blogger and her website is http://grannyblogger.com.

I’d love to share your success story. Whether it’s about using a computer for the first time, finally making money online, or anything in between, please write and tell me about it, including your name, unless you’d rather that remain confidential.

Until next time,
Have fun on that computer and show it who’s boss. I know you can do


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Kindle Tips From Teresa Miller

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My guest on this episode is Teresa Miller and this time she talks about publishing your own work using the Kindle platform.

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